Post Match Reaction | Ethiopia 3-3 Eritrea

Wubetu Abate – Ethiopia

How was the game?

“This was our very first match, so we are not disappointed by the result. But we created so many goal scoring chances and scored three but the frustrating thing is that we also conceded three goals, with that being said we were able to identify our weak links so we would work hard to rectify them and come back strong.”

The match was filled with Goals, what might be the reason?

“The goals we conceded were more of the same, counter attacks. They were also thriving to use long balls. Their main man was Ali Soulieman and their offensive play was revolving around him, they were very successful in doing so. The fact that both nations were once a single Nation had intensified the contest. Overall the game was an open one that’s why we witnessed three goals.”

Defensive vulnerability and why they haven’t been addressed early?

“The issue was on show since the early minutes, but whenever a problem occurs you won’t be able to change your starting 11. We wanted to know which department had the most difficult to do so we wanted to be patient with the Defense to build their confidence, but at the later stages, we were forced to make changes as the issue was not resolved.

Positive things to take away from the match?

“A team won’t be built in an instant, the players were together for a month. Team building is a process, we are aware of the players’ potential from their club’s performance but to make them click might take time but am very optimistic that the future is bright.”

About the Eritrean national teams’ strength

“They have a very solid defense and also are very good in the air. Their counter attacking play was also sharp, but if they were clinical in the attacking third the story might have been different.”

Daniel Yohannes – Eritrean national team technical director

About the game

“We were tactically disciplined, we started very bright and created scoring chances. The Ethiopian side had problems in defense especially in their defensive transition moments so we were keen to exploit this vulnerability through counter attacks and we were successful in doing so as we scored three goals in this manner.”

About their game plan

“Our players have given everything they can to implement our game plan, our players were brilliant in reading the game and playing with a certain degree of self-confidence and calmness.”

About the Ethiopian national team

“They are a very good side, but I saw problems in their defense. They are very good in possession and their offensive play is in an organized manner but lacking that cutting edge in the final third they were reliant on a sole striker.”

About the result?

“The game ended three all, but the two sides have benefited much from the game as it was beyond a football match. It has been a while since the two sides played each other. I would like to dedicate the three goals we scored for our togetherness and mutual respect.

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